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Who is Cisalo?

Cisalo is built for this. Born on December 25th in 1990, the twenty-nine-year-old emcee was born and raised in Louisiana, and quickly found himself immersed in a world of sounds. His parents provided a healthy balance of styles, with his mother focusing on the performing arts while his father was a recognized musician in the area who DJ’d in various clubs throughout the city. At the same time, he was swept away in the golden era of hip-hop, particularly the southern scene. From artists like Andre 3000 in Atlanta and Mystikal in New Orleans, Cisalo grew an appreciation for hip-hop while blending in a good dosage of R&B in the form of Michael Jackson and Prince.

He soon decided to take the initiative to learn music and picked up the drums at the age of five before adding the piano and bass to his repertoire later in life. When he was a teenager, he moved over to digital production and messed around with synthesizers composing his unique melodies and recording his newly developed vocals. Cisalo would gain experience working with local high schools and musicians before enrolling in an audio engineering school after he graduated. It was there that he combined his unorthodox creative process with the industry’s technical approach to fine-tune his music.

Now living in Atlanta, the one man band combines hip-hop and R&B in one of music’s most popular cities to stand out from the crowd. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of the independent label Mistro Music Records. His mission is to provide phenomenal and original music that pushes the envelope where today’s music will not even dare to go. Cisalo can combine a razor-sharp delivery with gritty bars during a verse and immediately switch to a soothing hook as he croons over lush piano melodies. If there was any artist you could call the “complete package,” he would be the living embodiment of it.

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